The Feldman Group Democratic Research Consultants

The Feldman Group has 20 years of experience helping our clients succeed by providing exceptional, strategically-focused research. We are experts in winning Senate and House races, passing and defeating initiatives and referendums, and electing mayors, governors, and councilmen. We have also done extensive work helping labor unions, non-profit organizations, and corporations find success through superior information. The Feldman Group is more than just a research firm. We go beyond information gathering and translate our field research into strategies for communicating with voters in a way that is easy for them to understand and relates to them as individuals.

The Feldman Group is in the business of providing engaged, proactive support for our clients. Our firm and our reputation are about understanding in special depth what voters and consumers are thinking and feeling, and how that impacts the formation of successful strategy. More importantly, The Feldman Group is committed to meeting the challenges unique to your region with innovative methodologies and creative, targeted solutions. We realize that our clients’ time is at a premium and the most important decision we make is determining what data our clients need to make effective decisions. We strive for an understanding of each race and client individually and we have the experience and commitment to personal service to find the methods that work for our unique clients and the flexibility to implement those methods effectively.