About us

The Feldman Group Democratic Strategic Research

At The Feldman Group, we ensure that the client has consistent access to the firm’s principal. Diane Feldman is the founder and President of The Feldman Group and is committed to working with each client. Campaigns and Elections magazine calls Feldman “an insightful analyst” known for her “maverick winning ways.” Before founding The Feldman Group in 1991, Diane Feldman was a partner at Feldman, Lester & Associates, and Senior Associate with Greenberg Research. Feldman is a research and political professional. She holds a Ph.D. in experimental psychology and quantitative methods from the State University of New York at Binghamton and has held research fellowships at Yale University and Duke University.

Along with Diane, an analyst and assistant analyst work with each client to ensure full integration of polling into the work of the campaign and to assist in the production of the poll and analyses. The firm’s total staff ranges from 10 to 14, staying smaller to maintain Diane’s direct involvement with each client.